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Re: Suse Linux

Arnt Gulbrandsen  wrote:

>Suse includes a library (part of PNG) called libz, which 
>with one in the ZMailer.  Find the one in the ZMailer and 
add a -L
>option to make sure that ld picks it.

Thanks... I did it the easy way, and just moved the libz 
stuff out of the /usr/X11R6/lib directory until I was done 
building Zmailer, then put them back.

I did run into another peculiar problem, I was not able to 
build the aliases or fqdnaliases databases. Zmailer had found 
the ndbm header during the configuration, and that's how it 
wanted to build. I'm not a techie in any way, but trying the 
"-t gdbm" option with the newdb, and it built just fine. 
Zmailer wanted to use ndbm databases by default, and when I 
did another configure, hiding the ndbm.h file from the 
configure script, now it works okay. No clue as to why ndbm 
didn't work.

Dana Booth <dana@oz.net>
Tacoma, Wa., USA