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Forced SMTP, procmail...

There are two things which are annoying for me in Zmailer.

First one.
I've tried to configure Zmailer 2.99.50s11 to work with procmail
on my linux boxes.
I've added to sm.conf line:
 procm   sSPfn   /usr/bin/procmail       procmail -a $h -d $u
and in local/* section of scheduler.conf file I've replaced:
 command="mailbox -8"
 command="sm -8c $channel procm"

It didn't work. The problem is in $MAILBIN/ta/sm. 
sm should pass to procmail hostname as $h and username as $u. But sm
sets both $h and $u to string username@hostname
Procmail doesn't accept this format and returns error:
 procmail[]: Unknown user "username@hostname"

I've added some code to sm.c (SRC/transports/sm/sm.c) after `case 'u''
line to cut string rp->addr->user (which is returned as $u) at character
"@" and it worked with no problems.

Second one:
Problem with sending mail to ESMTP server behind some firewalls (Cisco PIX
for example). It's documented on zmailer's webpage.
Remote server presents itself as an ESMPT, but firewall accepts SMTP
commands only (in typical case firewall rejects ORCPT).
$MAILBIN/ta/smtp -E option doesn't solve the problem, because smtp will
try to use SMTP protocol unless remote server presents as an ESMTP.
I think this (or another) option should force use of SMTP protocol. I've
made change in smtp sources for my use (I couldn't say to my clients:
sorry, it's not our fault you can't send emails to people behind this
I'm a weak C programmer so I've just changed:
 SS->esmtp_on_banner = 1;
 SS->esmtp_on_banner = 0;
in function esmtp_banner_check.

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