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Re: help with zmailer configuration

I had this problem last week when installing the new zmailer on Solaris 2.6
and gcc 2.8.1.

Assuming it's the same thing, I'll repeat from my previous post:

After much frustration, and lots of debug statements, I narrowed the
problem down to the 'noMX' variable.  The noMX variable was being set to 1
by a side effect, not by direct assignment.  (The only direct assignments
to this variable are the initialization 'int noMX = 0', and when the '-e'
command line parameter is given).  Anyway, placing assert(noMX==0)
statements in the code narrowed the change in value down to the following
line in smtp.c:

zmailer-2-cvs/transports/smtp/smtp.c : line 631
 & oldsig; /* volatile-like trick.. */ & channel; & host; & smtpstatus; &
need_host; & idle; &noMX; & dp; & checkmx; & smtphost; & punthost;

placing an 'assert(noMX==0)' before and after this line illustrated that
the value of 'noMX' was being changed by line 631 (it was actually being
set to '1', which explains why no MX processing was happening). 

The workaround is to comment out line 631 (and recompile), seeing as how
the address operator is just being used by it's self--no explicit
assignments or changes...
then everything works fine.  MX hosts are processed and all is well.


As for your second problem,
Zmailer comes with a compatability version of 'rmail', in the
'compat/rmail' directory.  Ensure you're using the 'rmail' from there, or
where-ever it installed it.

Shawn Robinson

At 11:23 PM 01/02/99 +0100, V. Werth [VWSoft] / Info wrote:
>Hi folks!
>I just finished my first time installing zmailer (current version) and
>came out with some problems. I'm sure it's just a configuration
>mismatch but I really can't figure out the source of that error.
>First of all I'm sending a mail message from a MUA running on a
>Windows workstation. The WS connects fine to the SMTP server (ie
>zeus.vwsoft.com) and sends out the mail. Mail for local (zeus)
>delivery is working fine. Now I tested outbound mail to another SMTP
>server (ie xxx@altavista.net). zeus processes the mail received from
>the WS but comes back with an error message:
>19990201202918 /opt/mail/bin/ta/smtp: 568/127//error2 smtp; 500
>(configuration inconsistency. MX usage forbidden, no address in the
>19990201203418 DBGdiag: # mailbox:12401: lockaddr: file '575-12357'
>host '?host?
>' expected '~' found '+'
>hmmm, I'm sitting now for hours and hours over the zmailer
>documentation and don't find the wrong configuration (again, I'm a
>first time user of zmailer and it's really hard to see thru all these
>configuration files).
>Second problem:
>When sending mail for local delivery using the rmail command the
>message arrives at the users' mailbox but mail -h gives out a warning
>message indicating the mailbox file may be corrupted and two messages
>may be concateneted. Is it illegal to use rmail (or even mail) with
>I'm running (Novel) UnixWare 2.03 (SysVR4.2) with BIND 8.1.2 (latest
>I hope somebody is able to answer my questions.... this server should
>go onto the net weeks ago and it's my hope to get it running (zmailer
>is the last problem..... I really hope so *g*) the very next days.
>Thx for your support!
>Volker Werth