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Re: [ZMailer] Reorder Queue/Channel, Delete Single Message

On 17-05-2010 at 05:06:25PM -0300, Carlos G Mendioroz wrote:
> Neal Morgan @ 17/05/2010 16:45 -0300 dixit:
> > Have you moved on to something else?  What did you choose?
> Yes, I've moved to Exim4. (More exactly, I'm in the process of moving
> many installations to ~).
> Along the years, the flexibility of zmailer has become a trap difficult
> to escape from, and the beauty of routing and then delivering with a
> small footprint is appealing.

It depends.
How much traffic supports mail server?

Exim is more user friendly regards some fast config changes (like queues) and has more users (more sites, more help).
Exim has more tools in most of standard linux distributions.
Exim works not on root id.

But exim is not so fast.

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