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Re: [ZMailer] Reorder Queue/Channel, Delete Single Message

Neal Morgan @ 17/05/2010 16:45 -0300 dixit:
>>> Neal Morgan @ 17/05/2010 13:55 -0300 dixit:
>>> Greetings:
>>> This is probably something I should already know.  Is there a way to
>>> make zmailer re-order the queue for a particular channel/host when
> the
>>> top message is being rejected by the receiving end?  We continually
> find
>>> that aol will reject a message with a temporary error, then
> subsequent
>>> messages will queue up behind it, and the queue grows larger and
> larger
>>> until we take manual action to correct it.  Zmailer continues to
> want to
>>> deliver the messages in the original order, meaning the newer
> messages
>>> never get tried since the top message is in the way.  So, is it
> possible
>>> to make zmailer put the message with the temporary error at the
> bottom
>>> of the queue after some configurable number of retries?
>>> We have been handling this manually, by deleting the offending top
>>> message from both the transport and queue directories.  Is there a
>>> zmailer-approved way to delete a single message for a channel/host?
>>> We've just been using "rm" for this, then forcing a resubmit on that
>>> channel/host.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Neal Morgan
>> on Monday, May 17, 2010 10:59 AM  Carlos G Mendioroz wrote 
>> I kind of remember that this sort of failure can be minimized by
>> setting 2 channels to work in parallel for delivery.
>> In any case, you may consider moving away from zmailer. World is
> moving
>> and zmailer is not. I've been a big fan of zmailer from Rayan's time,
>> then at UofT. But sadly, it's no longer a viable option IMHO.
>> -Carlos
> Have you moved on to something else?  What did you choose?
> Having climbed much of the learning curve with Zmailer, I have stuck
> with it.  With modifications to your MailScanner hooks, it has been
> working good for years.  I think I have a dozen instances of it on
> various servers.
> On the other hand, it hasn't been included in the Debian packages for
> years now, and I think the rest of the world thinks it is dead.  I'm
> pretty sure Matti is still out there, and would still write fixes if
> they were necessary.
Yes, I've moved to Exim4. (More exactly, I'm in the process of moving
many installations to ~).
Along the years, the flexibility of zmailer has become a trap difficult
to escape from, and the beauty of routing and then delivering with a
small footprint is appealing.

As I said, I loved it, but decided to move on.
-Carlos (already been called a traitor :)

Carlos G Mendioroz  <tron@huapi.ba.ar>  LW7 EQI  Argentina
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