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Re: [ZMailer] problem with removing router headers

Cytowanie Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>:
> The  rfc822  function is implemented on   router/rfc822.c  file
> as function:  run_rfc822()
> It runs internally function called  sequencer()  on same file, and that
> does all address processing and metafile generation, plus passing them
> to the scheduler.
> Some header rewrites are done at transport agents at delivery time.
> What are your requirements for this header modification ?

In one of my customers there is a need to have a copy of all mails 
(incoming and
outgoing) - I'm doing it in simple way in process.cf (cat $file >> somefile).
But after that I have a file which contains headers for router.

As I understood from docs headers are parsed by router, and then message is
delivered to receiver/server (smtp or localdelivery) without zmailer headers.

So there must be 2 methods to copy all mails:
1. In process.cf like me and then I need some parser to remove headers for
2. In router and then it will be without router headers.

Is it correct?

Thx a lot.
Best regards,
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