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Questions and request for comments

Hi I have in mind two or three features that I'll be implementing
this days.

Please tell me if anyone has implemented this yet or if it's a bad idea
and why.

I'm looking at today's CVS version

We have a tarpit, but, as far as I could see, it's always on or off.
I want to have a bunch of servers (for example my own internal
servers) without tarpiting.
I thought about inserting this code somewere in the function "policytest"
so we could have something like tarpit + or tarpit - for a group of IP's

We are needing also a way to do some ratelimit.
Saw the funtion call_rate_counter

The way it's implemented now, is only for auth users an (if I don't remember
wrong) for trusted networks.
I wonder why is this.
I know you can ratelimit your own users based on what you
have sold them.
But, an external site sending mails at a _very_ high rate
should be at least momentarily blocked also.
The same for auth fail (didn't see that code) or inexistent rcpt to

Is anyone using the perl hooks in a high traffic environment?
How is it going with that?

Thanks in advance. best wishes for all.
Leonardo Helman
Pert Consultores

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