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Re: ZMailer 2.99.57.pre3 patch with...


> Rodolfo Cossalter wrote...

> I'm trying your patch and have some questions.
> What are the hrr* functions for?

hrr - header rewrite

hrr_dispatch - selects function which will be used to
                         rewrite E-mail header (excluding from, to,
                         cc, bcc); decision is taken mainly on
                         hrrfrom and hrrto databases; they are
                         defined in dbases.conf

hrr_ae - add at the end of the E-mail header tag
               from $bogo_head variable which
               is defined in process.cf

hrr_full - the same as hrr_ae and additionaly
              modify subject tag

Functions mentioned above I use in my systems
and I posted them as example.

> How do you enable SRS? I patched the cf files with the ones in
> contrib/hrr-srs-zpostgrey/... ,rebuilt the db files, but I can't get
> the router rewrite the headers (indeed it doesn't route anymore).
> Do I need an srs daemon running?

Files used by SRS: SMTP.cf, crossbar.cf, srs.cf,
standard.cf, dbases.conf and srs. There is no any
addtional deamon/software required to run SRS.

> What is the syntax in srs.cf?

You could find documentation on following web page:

> I don't get a srs.fc in the fc folder. And in srsdb?

Please look above.

If you have a questions please drop me a line.

Best regards

Daniel Kiper - dkiper@netspace.com.pl
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