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Debug the smtpserver policy settings ?

Is there any easy way to debug the SMTP policy settings, I'm thinking 
would it be possible to write a command line tool that you could supply 
input parameters:

* policy config file
* IP Address
* HELO hostname
* MAIL FROM:<> address
* RCPT TO:<> address(es)

Then have it work through the decision making process and emit some 
diagnostic ?  Like which factors were pull in to make the decision and 
what the decision was.  It would also have a mode which didn't stop at 
the first failure but continue on and report all decisions at each point 
(ending after rcpt-to:<>).

The key thing here is that I don't want to have to do this though the 
SMTP server and faking the client IP is an important input.

Maybe some part of the existing code can be adapted for this ?


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