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Vacation - Observations

Hello Matti and Group!

This isn't all that important, but thought I point out a few things I
encountered experimenting with vacation today:

1 - The code in vacation.sh that restores your last .vacforward is
commented out.  I wonder why this is the case?

2 - The man page makes reference to .vacation.pag and .vacation.dir
files, but my system creates a .vacation.db

3 - The database is not reset when you "vacation stop" and follow up
with "vacation start" - you have to delete it manually

4 - The man page makes reference to -I and -t parms, but vacation.exe
doesn't in its help (although it accepts them without complaining)

5 - vacation -I (or -i) doesn't seem to do anything

6 - the man page indicates you can set the reply time as low as 30s, but
in reality vacation ignores this setting.  I can't tell for a fact but
it looks like its using 1d and ignoring what I give it

7 - Should you be able to do this:
	vacation -r:12h start
and have it generate the .forward correctly?  If so, that doesn't seem
to work 

8 - The man page doesn't mention you can (and should) edit the .forward
to add additional aliases if appropriate; doesn't document the -a parm

I'm curious about whether a zmailer machine has to use this vacation
rather than the (Linux/Unix) package by the same name.  Is there any
benefit one way or the other?


Neal Morgan

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