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Re: SMTP file naming issue?

Neal Morgan wrote:
> After some time looking through the code, I see my previous questions
> were dumb.  
> So, let me try again:
> Is there a way to configure router/transport(/scheduler) so that:
> 1) messages received by smtpserver are "routed" to an alternate
> directory
> 2) metadata about the message is maintained
> 3) an external process operates on the message, then
> 4) the external processes "resubmits" or "renables" the message, router
> and transport pick back up with the SAME message information (but
> altered message contents) and continue where they left off with routing
> and delivery?
> It seems like this should be possible with router and sm? I just can't
> figure out the correct configuration to make ZMailer view this as the
> same message, rather than a new one.

This sounds like a simple case of setting smtpserver up to use a 
non-standard router directory.  Somewhere the router doesn't pickup 
"$POSTOFFICE/myrouter/".  It maybe possible to achieve this by changing 
an environment variable or two around the smtpserver.

Have your task process the message (possible modifying it) then rename 
it into the standard router directory "$POSTOFFICE/router/".

What additional metadata are you wanting to see in the message that 
isn't already in the router pickup file ?

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