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My son is expecting your contact concerning this project

From Mrs Celina Wulu
Rep.of Benin
West Africa.

Dear friend,

I am a widow to the late principal accountant of
Sierra Leon central bank who was assassinated due to political hostility
in my country. For the sake of our lives, we fled to the neighbouring
republic of Benin where we are seeking refuge until my son was
evacuated to Europe recently where he is also seeking asylum.

We decided to search for an external assistance because we are having
problems recovering a large deposit made by our late father overseas
since the company maintained that instructions left by our late husband
the original depositor states that the funds be "RELEASED TO MY FOREIGN
REPRESENTATIVE ONLY", believing he would appoint someone by himself to
represent him for the claim but eventually he died earlier thereby
making it impossible for us to go any further regarding this claim.

Most importantly, your ability to put the said funds into circulation wisely
for our joint interest and relocating us is a major considerable factor
regarding our request as our knowledge on financial matters is not enough to
handle an amount of money above (us$15,000,000.00) Fifteen million alone.
On your personal advise,We are also considering the below options as areas
relative to our interest to put the said funds working.

1) hospitality industry
2) farming and acquisition of farmlands

In view of this, if you are touched to work with us in sincerity, by
standing as my late husband,s foreign representative to receive the said
deposit on our behalf, we shall embrace you as our new found parent/family
and will compensate you accordingly.

As you indicate interest, please be fast to contact my son Samson on this
email address (samsonwulu@myway.com) to enable him give you further
information relative to the presence/position of funds and the steps we
shall take to finalize on the project.

Do not hesitate to include your personal telephone/fax numbers as this will
facilitate communication between you and my son. Thanking you in advance for
your kind and urgent response, more so for keeping our proposal to your
Sincerely C.Wulu (mrs)