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Re: msgbuffer IO-error and GateDefender

On Thursday 07 July 2005 13:41, Matti Aarnio wrote:
MA> On Thu, Jul 07, 2005 at 12:59:03PM +0200, Anton Velo wrote:
MA> > Hi,
MA> > 
MA> > We're having a problem in a zmailer gateway with mail directed
MA> > to some domains.   These domains have a Panda Gatedefender
MA> > appliance in front of their Exchange mail servers.
MA> > 
MA> > The Error line in our maillog says:
MA> > stat=deferred smtp; 500 (msgbuffer write IO-error[1]! [Resource temporaly unavailable] DATA 63147/123956 [51%]) 
MA> > 
MA> > More data is that apparently, messages shorter than 63K are received
MA> > by them without trouble, and the cut is always apparently at 63147.
MA> > 
MA> > We have zmailer version 2.99.56 with Mailscanner (I supose it must not
MA> > affect), and standard smtp TA for outgoing mail.
MA> > 
MA> > Is anybody having a similar issue?
MA>   I have never seen such box, but badly behaving firewalls
MA>   are not a new phenomena...
MA>   It looks like an SMTP server that does a store and forward
MA>   processing..  e.g. the SMTP session terminates at that box.
MA>   You might get messages to go thru, if you route them thru
MA>   'smtp77' channel (e.g. intentionally disable every extension
MA>   beyond basic half-duplex RFC 821).  If it helps, I am most
MA>   curious about the difference of SMTP protocol at network level
MA>   in both cases, e.g. tcpdump (or snoop) of related network traffic:
MA>       tcpdump -s 9999 -w tcpdump.  host
MA>   and after route change:
MA>       tcpdump -s 9999 -w tcpdump.  host
MA>   If that doesn't help, perhaps the snoops give me some ideas...

Routing through smtp77 works fine with these domains.
In the past, we had a similar issue with a PIX with MailGuard feature enabled.
Also the solution was the same.
Thanks a lot.

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