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To: field continuation...

It is legal to continue To: field headers like:

To: "User A" <usera@domain.com>, "User B" <userb@domain.com", "User C" 
<tab>main.com>, "User D" <userd@domain.com>"

Zmailer throws out with:

Illegal-Object: Syntax error in To: address found on mymailserver.domain.com:
        To:     "User C" <userc@domain.com>
                                              ^-illegal end of route address, missing end of address

It appears to be able to put the concatenated result together ok, but 
then goes on to mark it as illegal.  This email was sent through an 
MDaemon.Standard.v7.2.0.R gateway.  So who is right ?  Does zmailer go 
on to process this receipient or throw it out as the error suggests ?


Darryl L. Miles

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