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RE: SPF and senderokwithdns

El 13 Jul 2004 a las 8:17, Neal Morgan escribió:

> Are you really that worried about what your clients are sending?  I get a
Yes, I am... large ISP with a new spammer everyday... they're slow to 
remove with administrative process but they sure come in fast...

> little nervous about changes to this side of things since its what stands
> between ending up on someone's RBL vs. lots of unhappy clients because
> their outgoing mail won't work! 
But why would they be using a non-routable 'mail from:'?

> Perhaps we need a configuration option to indicate how much trust we give
> AUTH/WHOSON clients.  E.g. add something like trust-whoson-withdns to
> force an early address verification.  In this way, trust-whoson continues
> to work as it does today, but trust-whoson-withdns works as Eugene
> suggests. 
That'd be great... Matti?

Mariano Absatz
El Baby
If books were designed by Microsoft, the Anarchist's
Cookbook would explode when you read it.
        -- Mark W. Schumann

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