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Re: aliases problem

In article <1088443958.20873.17.camel@ariel.sovam.com>,
Eugene Crosser  <crosser@rol.ru> wrote:
>That's why I've been using a small patch to allow Smail3-style
>"real-username" syntax instead of troublesome "\username" for many
>years...  Somewhere around line 850 in proto/cf/aliases.cf:
># check for "real-userid" and deliver locally bypassing aliasing
>       ssift "$user" in
>       real-(.*) db add expansions "$key" local
>               return (((local \1$plustail$domain \1$plustail$domain $attr)=
>)) ;;
>       tfiss

I am wondering, would this work if I use a non-standard
TA to deliver local mail? (I am using Cyrus, so users
don't have home directories.) What are other people 
using in such a case?

From a quick testing, I guess I'll need to modify my
TA to recognize the real-* syntax?

Ambrose LI Cheuk-Wing  <a.c.li@ieee.org>

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