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SMTP AUTH policy

Hi there,
I need your advice: many discussion-lists send the emails to the users
with the mail from: <> that of the subscriber of the list, not of the
list owner. That is, they send the mail to me (marek.kowal@onet.pl) with
mail from: <marek.kowal@onet.pl>, instead of <list-owner@somewhere.com>.
Some other lists do mail from: <> with the adress of the sender of the
post. As a result of SMTP AUTH policy, such connections are rejected,
since obviously:

(reason: 530 4.3.0 Not authorized to send from this e-mail address)

When I point that out to the list admins, they claim that the site
should accept messages with rcpt to: <> pointing to the users of the
site, no matter what the sender is. This in my opinion is inacceptable,
since it enables the spammers to send the spam as long as they introduce
themselves as the users of the site.

Please, let me know your opinions.



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