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MIME conversion sillyness

I receive a bunch of generated HTML messages from one particular source,
and a number of things conspired to have the messages displayed "as
source" in all the MUAs I have kicking around.

First, I had the sm transport configured incorrectly (needed a -8), so
it tried to do its conversion. Unfortunately, while the messages had
Content-Type and Content-Transfer-Encoding headers set (correctly), they
do not have the MIME-Version header. So ZMailer did what it does,
stripping the message to 7 bit, converted the text to Quoted-Printable,
and added in its own MIME headers. While true that the messages are not
in fact MIME (as the only header that MUST happen is MIME-Version), if
that header is missing, but the Content-Type one exists, the MUAs that I
have Do The Right Thing, and render the HTML. So the message ended up
with a Content-Type of "TEXT/PLAIN".

Based on this, I have two suggestions:

- Change the X-Warning message to say that it was ZMailer (and the host)
that put it in place. (my mail goes through 2 ISP boxen, fetchmail, my
ZMailer, and finally Cyrus; "Argh! WTF is converting things?")

- in transports/libta/mimeheaders.c cte_check(), have it also check for
the Content-Type header when deciding if something is MIME or not.
(FWIW, evolution seems to check for /only/ that header, not MIME-Version
at all)

Also, ZMailer is the only place I ever remember seeing a mime type in
uppercase. I haven't done an exhaustive search of the RFCs, (and
evolution does a strcasecmp()) it is entirely possible that something
somewhere would get confused with that being in UC.

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