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Re: pipe prediction wrong... solved, but makes no sense

在 二, 2004-03-23 13:57, Matti Aarnio 寫道:
> Ah..  You did upgrade your existing system "in place" ?
> Did you run   "$MAILBIN/post-install -MD5"  command ?

You are right, I probably forgot to run post-install, nor
remember to manually install the files in proto/

> Perhaps it should.  NOISILY!
> Hmm..

I was a little surprised when I found that there was no error
message (other than the "pipe prediction wrong") even when I
try to resolve addresses interactively. I would have expected
"listaddresses: command not founmd" or something.

> It is beginning to make sense to me.
> - Actively used scripts are still from 2.99.56pre1
> - Binary was new..

The remaining question is, how could it have managed to deliver
any mail for the past two months and a half? :-)

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