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pipe prediction wrong... solved, but makes no sense


I have traced the "pipe prediction wrong" to the
following code in aliases.cf:

   a=$(echo -- "$a" |                              \
       listaddresses       -E "root"       \
			   -e "root"       \
			   -c "$user file expansion" | \
       maprrouter $nattr "$user" "$host" "$plustail" "$domain")

When I checked to see what "listaddresses" is, I got

   z# type listaddresses
   listaddresses not found

On a functional ZMailer (2.99.56pre1), however, I get

   z# type listaddresses
   listaddresses is a shell builtin

Now, in the ChangeLog I read

   Disabled former (now unused)  "listaddresses"  function,
   which does a small part of the job...

which makes the situation even more mysterious, since apparently
2.99.56 shipped a mismatched pair of router and router scripts,
and should not have been working; it should have been broken all
along, but somehow it has been working just fine for the past
few months :-/

(It actually seems to have been semi-broken, since there were
> 300 deferred mails in the router directory, but it was never
so broken that mail delivery completely stopped, until yesterday.)

Knowing this new information, I replaced the router binary with
the one from 2.99.56pre1, and, voila, ZMailer works again. (But
this whole thing still doesn't make any sense to me...)

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