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Re: message tagging...

Quoting Carlos G Mendioroz <tron@huapi.ba.ar>:

> May be virus checking and SPAM control do need different mechanisms.

True, and to do so would be following the UNIX philosophy of small, isolated
tools. That being said, content analysis, be it for spam or for viruses, is
somewhat related. My tool is writen in Perl, so there is going to be something
of a performance hit to compile it on every execution. Combining the two tools
into one would decrease that hit. I suppose there are other solutions,
including not using Perl.

Hmm.. Perhaps someone could go insane and teach Parrot (the Perl 6 VM) about
zmsh. Or teach ZMailer about Perl.

> Zmailer builds heavely on the "do not touch the message" principle,
> thus being as easy as possible on I/O. I like that, so I don't want
> to change the message file (queue). I would not do that at process(),
> but rather at rfc822().

I dont think its a good idea to have a hook in the C code to call some external
analysis tool, given that one could so easily be put in the zmsh. The trick
then would be to somehow tell the rfc822 function about new headers to insert.
This might mean new C code, but it would be a (better) general solution to the

> Changing headers is taken care of, and I think it's fairly easy to do.
> The tagging (adding headers) is almost trivial. And is all what I need
> for SPAM control at the MTA. Changing the mail message as a virus
> scanner may want to is outside this scope...

Perhaps. And personaly, I dont realy care to do virus scanning (get a better OS,
kid..), but at my site we are doing it now, so any replacement tool would have
to as well. Doing the virus scan, and then calling viruses spam, but otherwise
not trying to clean or delete, might be acceptable however.

> Actually, I'd better quarentine (sp ?) or bounce the message than (try
> to) clean it, but this is just my current not much thought about point
> of view :-)

In the ZMailer defered queue or something? Then you would need some other tool
to get the messages out of there. And generate some warning message to send to
the recip: "Someone has tried to send you a virus. Please go to
http://virusquque.domain.tld to either release it, or delete it."
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