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RE: zmailer is driving me friggin' crazy!

--On Tuesday, December 23, 2003 10:54 PM +0000 Neal Morgan 
<Neal@Morgan-Systems.com> wrote:

> 1.  Include virtual domains in your localnames file.  (For me, this
> is /etc/zmailer/db/localnames).  Mine looks like this:
> Foo.com    Foo.com
> Foo2.org    Foo.org
> e.g. one line for each domain, the first parm preceded by a dot, the
> second on each line not preceded.

Thank you Neal for the response.

The above actually worked this time. A couple of months ago when I send out 
a message about my problems, I had tried the above (because of someone's 
suggestion) and it broke the mail routing hard. Well obviously there was 
more broken that I have fixed over time! :-)

Thank you again for your help.
Gerard Hickey <hickey@kernelrom.com>/Jabber: unixgeek@jabber.kernelrom.com
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