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RE: zmailer is driving me friggin' crazy!


I'll take a quick stab at your issue, not that I'm an expert, but I do 
host virtual domains and ZMailer doesn't rewrite my headers.  Based on 
that, it's possible you have a configuration issue here.  What I do is 
described below.  Hope you find it helpful, if not you know where to file 
this message!  

All the best,

Neal Morgan

1.  Include virtual domains in your localnames file.  (For me, this 
is /etc/zmailer/db/localnames).  Mine looks like this:
Foo.com    Foo.com
Foo2.org    Foo.org

e.g. one line for each domain, the first parm preceded by a dot, the 
second on each line not preceded.

2.  Routes file (for me /etc/zmailer/db/routes) - include the domain names 
if you want validation the mailbox/alias exists.  If not, leve them out:

Foo.com    error!nosuchuser

3.  smtp-policy.mx - (for me /etc/zmailer/db/smtp-policy.mx) include one 
line for each domain, e.g.:


4.  Ensure you have alias to mailbox mappings in the fqdnaliases file (for 
me /etc/zmailer/db/fqdnaliases)

# Sample mapping between a domain and a mailbox
# This user receives everything for this domain that is not 
#   specifically configured elsewhere:
@Foo2.org:            foouser

# Sample mapping between an alias and a mailbox
John@Foo.com:         foojohn

# Another sample mapping between an alias and a mailbox
#  Note, even though foouser gets everything for @Foo2.org above
#  this user will get things specifically addressed to this alias
Except@Foo2.org:       fooexcept

# Sample forward on an alias
Matti@Foo.com:        mea@nic.funet.fi

# Sample forward to an IP
Sue@Foo.com:          Sue@[]

# Sample forward to a locally defined mail group
#    Note the group must be defined in the /etc/aliases file
Xavier@Foo.com:       group_xavier

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