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Re: spamassassin

On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 23:12, Mariano Absatz wrote:
> I know, I know... every 2 months someone (like me) comes to the list 
> asking how to integrate spamassassin with zmailer...
> I also know what Eugene will say: "spamassassin is waaaaay too slow to 
> handle any real traffic" :-)
> However, I'm being asked to do AntiSpam tagging (not deleting) for a 
> relatively high volume ISP, and the only open tool I know is 
> spamassassin...
> Situation is, I'm on a border smtp gateway with no users in it, just 
> accept, tag, and deliver.

Speaking of that, I would *love* if there was a way for the
contentfilter to tag mail.

One (admittedly extremely ugly) approach would be to have an smtpserver
PARAM "AddHeader X-MyPrivateHeader: nullnullnullnullplaceholderxxxxx"
and then the contentfilter could modify the queue file *in place*
putting sensible information instead of this placeholder...

More scientific way would be to implement milter interface, of course.


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