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Re: latest cvs version aka .56pre9

Matti Aarnio wrote:

>>is it better to stay with the more_than_two_years_old .55patch1
>>or cvs is stable enough to run every day ? is .56 close?
>   I had a plan to make it today.
>   Now lets see, what other bugs can be found ..

- more bugs:

make -C man html
make: Entering directory `/home/xose/rpmbuild/BUILD/zmailer-2.99.56/man'
sh ./man-to-html.sh mailq.1 > mailq.1.html
groff: invalid option -- c
usage: groff [-abeghilpstvzCENRSUVXZ] [-Fdir] [-mname] [-Tdev] [-ffam]
       [-wname] [-Wname] [-Mdir] [-dcs] [-rcn] [-nnum] [-olist] [-Parg]
       [-Larg] [-Idir] [files...]
groff -h gives more help

- would you mind to replace old manual with the newer ?

- inn package has a sm.8 manpage too

Software is like sex, it's better when it's bug free.

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