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Freezing messages causing delay on reused SMTP connection

I have a content filter process (that gets spawned by the smtpserver)
that examines messages and determines if they should be rejected, frozen
or accepted.

In the cases where it rejects/accepts messages everything seems to be
fine. In the event that it freezes a message, I see a delay that
increases exponentially (for every message that gets frozen) starting
with 1,2,4, etc. seconds. This behavior causes inbound traffic to slow
to a halt.

I thought the tarpit values may have something to do with the problem,
but they do not seem to impact the problem. Is there another setting
that can be causing these inbound delays?

Also, is there a way to limit the number of messages that are allowed to
enter on a re-used smtp connection (exchange seems to have a limit of



Richard Hyatt
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