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Re: RELAYCUSTNET kills contentfilter

On Mon, Jun 30, 2003 at 06:46:05PM +0400, Alexander Voropay wrote:
> Hi!
>  I'm trying to use "contentfilter" feature for anti-virus checking for
> ALL of
> transit e-mails.
>  Unfortunately, anti-virus does not work for OUTGOING mail
> for my customers (via my SMTP).
>  As far as I unerstand, there is bug? feature? in "contentfilter" for
> clients with RELAYCUSTNET attribute.

I was sure I have forgotten to document something...
.. but no, I found it, but it is very recent thing...

A very recent addition of  "filtering +"  attribute, which addition
to lookup domain/ip-net/whatever will always do checking with content

2003-05-02  Matti Aarnio  <mea@zmailer.org>

  * smtpserver/contentpolicy.c, smtpserver/readpolicy.c,
    include/policy.h, smtpserver/policytest.c, smtpserver/policytest.h,
    doc/guides/smtp-policy, proto/db/smtp-policy.src:
       Added 'filtering +' phrase to smtpserver's IP ADDRESS tests.

A new phrase before your quote is this:

#|  if (IP address of SMTP client has 'FILTERING' attribute) then
#|   set  state->content_filter  1/0 depending on '+'/'-' value
#|   If this attribute doesn't exist, set: state->content_filter = -1
#|   This will latter interact with  state->always_accept  variable
#|   in the content-filter interface...

> smtp-policy.src:86
> ======================
> #|  if (IP address of SMTP client has 'RELAYCUSTNET +' attribute) then
> #|   sender accepted, recipients not checked
> #|   [state->always_accept = 1; return ACCEPT;]
> ======================

>  Pay attention to "always_accept" variable.
> $SRC/smtpserver/contentpolicy.c:89
> =======================
>   if (state->always_accept)
>     return 0;
> =======================
>  So, all my customers can ability to send viruses via my SMTP without
> problems ("contentfilter" does not work for them).

A quick hack for you is to comment away that test.
> P.S. zmailer 2.99.55

Yes, support for this thing is way more recent than that.

> --
> -=AV=-
/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>
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