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A bit of SMTP protocol profiling...

I wanted to know how various protocol things actually get used
in real world networks.  That is one of the reasons I have been
implementing various accounting things in ZMailer modules.

Samples have been picked from a system running 2.50 days during
a week.

Incoming SMTP shows:

SS.SMTPconnects                      14846
SS.SMTPcommands                      72820
SS.IncomingClientPipelines            2201   in  15%  of connects
SS.IncomingSmtpTarpits                   0
SS.SMTP_HELO                         10874   in  73%  of connects
SS.SMTP_EHLO                          3960   in  26%  of connects
                                                + 1%  unknown ?

SS.SMTP_MAIL                         17616
SS.SMTP_DATA                          4339   oddly  DATA and BDAT counts
SS.SMTP_DATA_ok                       3883   don't come even close to MAIL
SS.SMTP_DATA_bad                       456   command counts...

SS.SMTP_BDAT                           121   A bit under 3% of sessions
SS.SMTP_BDAT_ok                        100   do use CHUNKING (BDAT) ..
SS.SMTP_BDAT_bad                        18

SS.SMTP_DATA-kB                      32706
SS.SMTP_BDAT-kB                        883  a bit under 3% in volume, too..

SS.ReceivedMessages                   4460   = DATA + BDAT  - before filters
SS.ReceivedRecipients                    0
SS.TransmittedMessages                3983   Accepted msgs into routing
SS.TransmittedRecipients              4012   .. and their recipients

Possibly MAIL From  and RCPT To  counts are excessively high
(compared with  DATA+BDAT counts) because people have back-probes
of sender address validity, or some such.

Outgoing SMTP shows:
(this set of counters has its names altered a bit latter..)

TA.OutgoingSmtpConnects            1758826   Successfull connects

TA.OutgoingSmtpPIPELINING          1309250   About 74%  reports PIPELINING,
                                             which gets used...

TA.OutgoingSmtpEHLOok              1701568   About 97% respond successfully
                                             on EHLO greeting !
TA.OutgoingSmtpEHLOfail              54028   And 3% fail..
TA.OutgoingSmtpHELO                  54018   .. which falls back to HELO
TA.OutgoingSmtpHELOok                53973   .. and mostly succeeds.
TA.OutgoingSmtpHELOfail                 44

TA.OutgoingSmtpMAIL                2787133   Of MAIL transactions
TA.OutgoingSmtpBDAT                  46178   under 2% have CHUNKING (BDAT)
                                             capability published at all!
TA.OutgoingSmtpDATA                2738630   some 98% use DATA,

Hmm...  There are a few more minor protocol details that could
be counted -- what things get used, and what are available..

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>
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