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New fields in control files?


I would like to install some message content processing programs in
zmailer's router. They take a file path to the filtered messages as an
argument, and based on its contents, they return specific numbers, which
will be required at a later stages of processing, when TAs take care of
them. One obvious application of such a model is anti-spam processing, also
anti-virus checking and so on.

Now the question arises, how to store the data returned by programs in such
a way, that they become avaliable to later stages of processing, i.e.
scheduler or TAs. 

One solution would be to create another directory structure in postoffice
directory, and keep the information there, naming files with the output of
the program in the same way as in is named in router directory (something
similar to transport directory). This involves some additional IO (the
router process has to create one file in transports directory already, this
would be the second one), but seems to be easy to program.

The other way is more "fundamental" ;-) store the informatin directly in the
the control files located in transport directory, which are associated by
router with each message. Those fields are already avaliable in TAs (via
ctldesc struct), so the whole idea seems to be more strightforward. Also
there is less IO involved in such setup.

What do you think of that idea? If you do not find it stupid, how should I
proceed? First, obviously, I have to redefine the ctldesc structure,
ctlopen() functions etc. Then there goes the question of accessing those
data fields from router - how to set them from zmsh? Now that I wrote it,
this seems like a hard work and probably first solution would be much easier
to implement. But still, I would like to hear your opinions.

So I'm hoping to hear from you ;-)))

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