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Re: MailScanner

I have thought of trying spamassassin, but my current setup where I:

-block anything on the the spamcop, spamhaus, ordb, amd mail-abuse 

-then have some of my own permanently blacklisted sites and senders;

-then run it through John Hardin's procmail 'sanitizer';

-and finally I have my own (originally based on some older work of 
John's) content/header weighting procmail recipe;

already catches 99+% of the crap.

For the latter I also have some significant weightings on chain email 
that catches a ton of massively forwarded humour spam, usually large 
garbage with gif/jpg/pps attachments, that gets turfed because it is 
definitely not within the discretionary personal use of our corporate email.

After all that most users get almost no spam, including junk from their 
"friends", mailing lists they have accidentally forgot to opt out of (we 
whitelist legit subscriptions), etc.

Marek Kowal wrote:
> Speaking of a devil, has anybody succesfully integrated ZMailer with plain
> spamd/spamc from spam assasin? I bet somebody must have done it already ;-)
> Can you describe your solutions? 
> Cheers,
> Marek.

Daryle A. Tilroe

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