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RE: MailScanner

> I did it through cf/process.cf, but I would rather suggest to 
> configure
> local delivery via procmail and include call to spamassassin into
> (possibly system-wide) procmailrc.

Naaah, cf/process.cf seems much better place - at least in my setup. Can you
send me (or to the list) the part of the cf/process.cf, which does the job?

> Granted, spamassassin is waaaaay too slow to handle any real 
> traffic...

Are you aware of any other "real-traffic" tools? BTW, do you use
spamasassin, or spamc/spamd? What efficiency (scanned mails per secs) do you
yeld? Was the load coming from forking of additional processes, or from the
asassin's engine itself?

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