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Re: X-Orcpt headers and direct procmail delivery

Great!  That gives me "X-Orcpt:" which was my main concern.
Just out of curiosity what about "X-Envelope-To:" or

My sm procmail line now reads:

"procm   sSPOfn  /usr/bin/procmail       procmail -a $h -d $u"

is there anything else silly I am missing?


PS. In my second, slightly modified, email I made a mistake;
the "Return-Path:" header WAS correctly being tacked on.

zmailer wrote:
> Hi,
> you have to add "O" option to sm.conf line.
> For example:
> maildrop        SPO    /app/courier/libexec/deliverquota       deliverquota
> -w 90 $u

Daryle A. Tilroe

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