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How I did integrate Virus Scanner to ZMailer


  Especcialy for Matti.

  1. Change source directory for router daemon in router/router.c.
  Replace "router" with for example "clean".

  2. Make standalone process which scans directory router, get files,
  scan with antyvirus, if ok then put them to directory clean. If
  virus then generate warning message to sender and recipient and
  delete virus message.

  2.a. How scan ? I use a little modified amavis script. My amavis
  gets message and extracts all attachments.

  2.b. Run antyvirus with extracted attachments.

  This is quite simple. I wrote for this simple perl script.

  Some of antyviruses can extract attachments internaly. In this case
  you can omit step 2.a.

  If you have any question I help you with pleasure.

Tomasz Nowak     TRIGER - Systemy Komputerowe   http://www.triger.com.pl
 Oferujemy m.in.  H@NDEL - Twój krok w nową erę sprzedaży w Internecie,
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