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Re: Too slow ?

Matti Aarnio( 2003-03-13 15:13 ):

MA>   Aaaah!

MA>   Those filenames are not what ZMailer would expect.  There could
MA>   (will in fact!)  be considerable internal trouble due to that -- there
MA>   is only one job in queue (and in processing) at any given time, and
MA>   even that can wreack havock to one already processed, when second
MA>   message arrives with same identifier.

  Aaaah :-)
  Yes, after a little modification in naming procedure it seems that
  router works faster.
  Thank you very much.

MA>   INSTEAD of having a separate input-spool from which an anti-virus
MA>   scanner runs the messages, there could be synchronous anti-virus
MA>   scanner running as commanded by ZMailer router processes:
MA>        http://www.zmailer.org/mhalist/2003/msg00089.html

MA>   That way the message names need not to be changed, queue processor
MA>   is in ZMailer router, etc.  The only challenge is to have a scanner
MA>   that accepts running from under another process, instead of being
MA>   a long lifetime server itself.

  Yes, yes, theoretically you are right,
  but simpler way for me is independent process.
  In the future I will try to go your way.

>>   I havent delay and xdelay. Why ?
>>   My zmailer is: zmailer-2.99.55

MA>   Possibly because those were not there in 2.99.55 ?
MA>   This bit is added in 2.99.55-patch1:

MA> revision 1.9
MA> date: 2001/02/23 22:15:46;  author: mea;  state: Exp;  lines: +13 -10
MA> Router syslog() got  delay=  and  xdelay=  time markers
MA> listexpand routine got tweaked a lot.. (for vger.kernel.org uses)

  I try few times to make patch, but I have a lot of errors... :-(

# patch -p0 < zmailer-2.99.55.patch1.diff
patching file zmailer/ChangeLog
patching file zmailer/Makefile.in
patching file zmailer/README.UPGRADING
patching file zmailer/TODO
patching file zmailer/acconfig.h
patching file zmailer/aclocal.m4
patching file zmailer/config.h.in
patching file zmailer/configure
patching file zmailer/configure.in
patching file zmailer/doc/manual/Makefile
can't find file to patch at input line 21612
Perhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?
The text leading up to this was:
|Index: zmailer/doc/manual/collateindex.pl
|diff -u zmailer/doc/manual/collateindex.pl:1.1 zmailer/doc/manual/collateindex.pl:1.2
|--- zmailer/doc/manual/collateindex.pl:1.1     Wed Feb 21 18:20:26 2001
|+++ zmailer/doc/manual/collateindex.pl Thu Mar  8 00:31:29 2001
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