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Re: Zmailer problem

Luke Galea <lgalea@bluecatnetworks.com>
> Ya.. in this specific case that is what we plan on doing. My concern is
> that our first indication that the queue was piling up was the max files
> issue.. at one point we couldn't even log in. We were piling messages up
> in the queue at about 25,000 / hour.. so by the time everyone got in in
> the morning it was already time to boot from a floppy to disable zmailer
> at start-up. Some sort of warning mechanism and a max simultaneous open
> files limit in zmailer would fix this. The warning isn't a problem
> (monitor mailq)... but the open files limit I am unsure of.

Yes. Eating all FDs and dying is Bad. Personally I think it's a linux
problem, but maybe zmailer should work around it.

(linux appears to let one process open all the files, thereby denying all
services. Bad.)

> As for the multiple SMTP streams.. would setting maxTA to 2 for that
> route accomplish this?

I don't think so. You need to use the same trick mea used with majordomo
on vger. Should be in the config examples somewhere.

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