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RE: Zmailer problem

Ya.. in this specific case that is what we plan on doing. My concern is
that our first indication that the queue was piling up was the max files
issue.. at one point we couldn't even log in. We were piling messages up
in the queue at about 25,000 / hour.. so by the time everyone got in in
the morning it was already time to boot from a floppy to disable zmailer
at start-up. Some sort of warning mechanism and a max simultaneous open
files limit in zmailer would fix this. The warning isn't a problem
(monitor mailq)... but the open files limit I am unsure of.

As for the multiple SMTP streams.. would setting maxTA to 2 for that
route accomplish this?

Thanks for your help.

Luke Galea 
Software Development
BlueCat Networks

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Subject: Re: Zmailer problem

Luke Galea <lgalea@bluecatnetworks.com>
> As far as I can tell.. it seems that as the queue size increases the
> files increases linearly.. so there doesn't appear to be a way I can
> zmailer to accept an infinite (or limited by disk space) queue. Is
> any way to limit the number of files the scheduler uses?

This sounds suspiciously like a "wrong question". There may be an
but the answer to the wrong question doesn't make anyone happy.

A large, unlimited queue size implies a lage, unlimited delay in mail
delivery, which is surely not desirable.

If I recall correctly, the basic problem is that you're handling mail
to a virus checker, and the virus checker is too slow to keep up with
mail volume. Couldn't you buy another of those and have zmailer deliver
both in parallel? Or have zmailer deliver to your one virus checker
two parallel SMTP streams?

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