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Router & Scheduler

Helo everybody,

I have a problem with my zmailer.
The smtpserver accepts the message correctly, the router generates the
control message in .../transport and makes a copy of the message in
.../queue, and the scheduler takes both but the mail doesn't leave the
zmailer. (A copy remains in the .../queue/X/X/ directory)
The results are the following:


scheduler: unlink(33103-7853)[sch-sch-done]: No such file or directory

Oct  7 12:13:01 dnsint01 router[7853]: S33103AbSJGPM5: from=<r@yahoo.com>, rrelay=SOGnuevo ([172.2
5.1.5]:50958 "helo p"), size=397, nrcpts=1, msgid=?msgid?

[7853] : address: mfabiano@telecompersonal.com.ar

mailq -sQQ
Kids: 0  Idle:  0  Msgs:  -4  Thrds:   0  Rcpnts:    0  Uptime: 19m45s
Msgs in 4 out 0 stored 4294967292 Rcpnts in 4 out 0 stored 4 (0)


Which file or directory makes reference the scheduler log?.
My operating system is linux redhat 7.0.

Thanks a lot

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