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Blacklist usage in zmailer

Hi all,

Some time ago we started using various anti-spam blacklists
(relays.osirusoft.com, relays.ordb.org, and dialups. mail-abuse.org) and
happily these seem to have cut down on our incoming spam. Unfortunately
we have an increasing number of customers who find themselves on the
blacklists and apparently have no reasonable way of getting off (i.e.,
they're in Asia).

Therefore I wonder if it's possible to get some assistance from the
list; I haven't found the zmailer docs particularly helpful in this

I'd like to be able to make exceptions for mail destined to particular
addresses (e.g. our sales mailbox) or from certain servers. Ideally the
messages and connections would still be checked against the blacklist
and the outcome logged, but the message processed regardless.

Is this possible? Anybody have example smtp-policy.src snippets?

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