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SleepyCat DB environment issues...

  Last couple days I have been working with two things for ZMailer.
One is integrating Cyrus SASL (v2) into smtp-server user authentication.
Another is integration of SleepyCat DB v3/v4 Concurrent Data Store

While doing the latter, I was going over the SleepyCat DB documentation,
and it says that in some environments (some HP-UX) there can be only one

Initially I thought of (and did) adding a   -C   option to supply
generalized "there is a configuration file, go read it" mechanism
in the "relation" function.  The problem (as I see it) is in having
possible system-wide limit of one DB environment per process (the HP-UX
case per the manual; DBENV->open )

What could be suitably generalizable mechanism for sharing single
environment among multiple databases ?    Opening own environment
for each database (my initial approach) doesn't work in all cases :-(

I could, of course, declare that in case of problems like the HP-UX case,
environment support (e.g. CDS mode) is limited to one database...

There could be some way to share an environment, but I can't quite
think a way to do that without resorting to globally declared e.g.
"sleepyenv SLEEPYENVNAME /path/to/sleepyenv.conf"  file, which is
then used at the "relation -E SLEEPYENVNAME ..other.options.." ?

It doesn't look neat :-/

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>

PS: These are work-related things, and part for a larger project
    where we can't use the normal "regenerate the flat file"
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