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Re: rbl problems and questions

I don't know why I missed that the first time.  So is it as simple as

            if (strncmp("127.0.0.",abuf,8) != 0) {
              has_ok = 1;
              continue; /* Isn't  127.0.0.* */


            if (strncmp("127.",abuf,4) != 0) {
              has_ok = 1;
              continue; /* Isn't  127.* */

Are there any unforeseen repercussions with this change?

Also with orbs gone for a while now is there any use in this code
that ignores a return; in other words is the
convention for untestable still being used?:

            if (strcmp("",abuf) == 0) {
              /* ORBS NETBLOCK */
              if (has_ok) continue;

Daryle A. Tilroe
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