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Re: rbl problems and questions

Hello?  Anyone on the list this weekend :-).  Anyhow, after looking at my
logs, it appears that the spamcop block is working fine:

NVQW27874#      connection from [] ipcnt 1 childs 2 ident: NO-IDE
NVQW27874#      Looking up DNS A object:
NVQW27874#      Looked up DNS A object: -> 127.0.
NVQW27874w      550-Blocked - see http://spamcop.net/bl.shtml?
NVQW27874w      550-If you feel we mistreat you, do contact us.
NVQW27874w      550 Ask HELP for our contact information.
NVQW27874#      remote from []:57055
NVQW27874#      -- policyresult=-1 initial policy msg: Blocked - see http://spam

The spamcop lookup resolves to (rather than the MAPS,, or  Now I would have thought that any positive lookup
should result in a block but it appears that zmailer may be looking for only/exactly.  I have had a quick peek in the source code
(policytest.c, mxverify.c, and smtpserver.c) but cannot immediately see
where this may be hardcoded or set dynamically.  Maaaattiiiiii!  Help
meeeeeeee! :-)

Daryle A. Tilroe
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