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Re: Zmailer to Exchange bug ?

On Mon, 20 May 2002, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

> Mark Visser <mark@dnd.utwente.nl>
> > Hence.. read smtp instead of smtpserver please. Nevertheless it's still
> > BDAT at stake, and i'll certainly try the disabling of it, but as we have
> > offered it so long and the old release 2.99.51 didn't had hanging smtp's i
> > didn't directly thought of disabling it.
> Well, it might have been broken when LMTP or (less likely) TLS support was
> introduced in the code. I don't know whether either of those were added
> after 2.99.51, though.
> You can offer it in your smtpserver even though your smtp won't use it
> when offered.

As Matti and you were confused by smtpserver vs. smtp  by my mail, a
collegae reminded me we get hanging smtpservers also regularly and
sometimes smtp (*deep deep sigh, confusion all over).

To get it straight once and for all.

From a ETRN box that was fully restarted on 13 may we have now:

ps -ef | grep smtpserver | awk '{print $5" "$6}' | sort | uniq -c
  22 May 13
 112 May 14
  41 May 15
  23 May 16
  38 May 17
  26 May 18
   8 May 19

the ta/smtp's on this box are all recent (last x hours)

Zmailer 2.99.55
Kids: 33  Idle:  6  Msgs: -311225  Thrds: 1263  Rcpnts: 13361  Uptime:

As for these hanging ones, they are BDAT sessions sending TO us, from
those Exchange boxes mentioned earlier. So, one of the 2 sides doesn't
close it.

I've disabled CHUNKING now on one box, will see what happens.


Warning: You can get rid of all the bugs by disabling them from the main menu.

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