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Re: smtp(8) question re hotmail.com


I found another thing about this problem: That this is a relatively
new problem. On my ZMailer running at my home, the smtp TA that
identified itself as from 2.99.50s11 treated the 554 Transaction
Failed as a temporary failure and would retry.

Perhaps this problem got introduced when the handling of 5xx errors
was changed to correct some other problems?

Sample log (from the 2.99.50s11 smtp TA) followed by sample output
from mailq:

23381V0000191854#	jobspec: N/131105-3276	hotmail.com
23381V0000291863#	(Connecting to `mx09.hotmail.com' [|25] Thu May  9 20:51:03 2002)
23381V0000391864r	220-HotMail (NO UCE) ESMTP server ready at Thu, 09 May 2002 17:51:04 -0700 
23381V0000491864r	220 ESMTP spoken here
23381V0000591864w	EHLO example.org
23381V0000691865r	250-hotmail.com Hello
23381V0000791865r	250-8bitmime
23381V0000891865r	250 SIZE 1572864
23381V0000991865#	131105-3276: <20020509205018.A23376@example.org>
23381V0001091865w	MAIL From:<foo@example.org> SIZE=474
23381V0001191866r	250 Requested mail action okay, completed
23381V0001291866w	RCPT To:<bar@hotmail.com>
23381V0001391866r	250 Requested mail action okay, completed
23381V0001491866w	DATA
23381V0001591866r	354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
23381V0001691866w	.
23381V0001791868r	250 Requested mail action okay, completed
23381V0001891868#	5 bytes, 447 in header, 1 recipients, 1 secs for envelope, 2 secs for body xfer
23381V0001991875#	jobspec: #idle
23381V0002091956#	jobspec: N/131105-3276	hotmail.com
23381V0002191956#	131105-3276: <20020509205222.A23419@example.org>
23381V0002291956w	MAIL From:<foo@example.org> SIZE=474
23381V0002391956r	554 Transaction failed
23381V0002491966#	(closed SMTP channel - bad response on smtpwrite() )
23381V0002591966#	(closed SMTP channel - MAIL FROM:<> got two responses!)
23381V0002691966#	jobspec: #idle
23381V0002792089#	jobspec: 

$ mailq
0 entries in router queue: idle
1 message in transport queue: working
        N/131105-3276:  smtp; 500 (Error on initial SMTP response read: Broken p
ipe) (retry in 2m45s, expires in 1d23h, tries=1)
          id    <20020509205222.A23419@example.org>, 398 bytes, age 5m10s
          from  foo@example.org
          to    bar@hotmail.com

Ambrose Li  <foo@example.org>   http://trends.ca/~foo/
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  what is written should seem a happy accident. - Somerset Maugham
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