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RE: smtp(8) question re hotmail.com


we have a similar problem (not so similar...)
with yahoo.

When a connection is reused for a new mail, sometimes it fails
(451 Timeout)
Zmailer retries twice and the recipient ends with two identical messages.
Here is the log.

first mail is ok, just to show that this is a reused connection.

17944i0000005550#       jobspec: X/3403-14848   yahoo.com
17944i0000105550#       3403-14848:
17944i0000205550#       (Connecting to `mta-v12.level3.mail.yahoo.com'
[|25] Tue May  7 18:05:28 2002)
17944i0000305551r       220 YSmtp mta415.mail.yahoo.com ESMTP service ready
17944i0000405551w       EHLO dedos
17944i0000505551r       250-mta415.mail.yahoo.com
17944i0000605551r       250-8BITMIME
17944i0000705551r       250-SIZE 5242880
17944i0000805551r       250 PIPELINING
17944i0000905551#       smtpopen: status = 0
17944i0001005551w       MAIL From:<BB@BB> BODY=8BITMIME SIZE=795
17944i0001105551w       RCPT To:<yyyy@yahoo.com>
17944i0001205551w       DATA
17944i0001305551r       250 sender <BB@BB> ok
17944i0001405551r       250 recipient <yyyy@yahoo.com> ok
17944i0001505551r       354 go ahead
17944i0001605551w       .
17944i0001705551r       250 ok dirdel
17944i0001805551#       784 bytes, 645 in header, 1 recipients, 0 secs for
envelope, 0 secs for body xfer
17944i0001905551#       jobspec: K/3390-14849   yahoo.com
17944i0002005551#       3390-14849: <3CD81760.9006.6E9B3C9@localhost>
17944i0002105551w       MAIL From:<BB@BB> BODY=8BITMIME SIZE=978
17944i0002205551w       RCPT To:<m@yahoo.com>
17944i0002305551w       DATA
17944i0002405552r       250 sender <BB@BB> ok
17944i0002505552r       250 recipient <m@yahoo.com> ok
17944i0002605552r       354 go ahead
17944i0002705552w       .
17944i0002805553r       250 ok dirdel
17944i0002905553#       975 bytes, 672 in header, 1 recipients, 1 secs for
envelope, 1 secs for body xfer
17944i0003005553#       jobspec: #idle
17944i0003105689#       jobspec: P/3395-14848   yahoo.com
17944i0003205689#       3395-14848:
17944i0003305689w       MAIL From:<n@n> BODY=8BITMIME SIZE=984
17944i0003405689w       RCPT To:<aaaa@yahoo.com>
17944i0003505689w       DATA
17944i0003605689r       451 Timeout

17944i0003705689#       Remote hung up on us while 2 responses missing
17944i0003805689#        smtp_sync() did yield code 75
17944i0003905689w       RSET
17944i0004005689#       Remote hung up on us while 3 responses missing
17944i0004105689#        smtp_sync() did yield code 75
17944i0004205689#       (closed SMTP channel - after delivery failure)
17944i0004305689#       (Connecting to `mta-v18.level3.mail.yahoo.com'
[|25] Tue May  7 18:07:47 2002)
17944i0004405689r       220 YSmtp mta518.mail.yahoo.com ESMTP service ready
17944i0004505689w       EHLO dedos
17944i0004605689r       250-mta518.mail.yahoo.com
17944i0004705689r       250-8BITMIME
17944i0004805689r       250-SIZE 5242880
17944i0004905689r       250 PIPELINING
17944i0005005689#       smtpopen: status = 0
17944i0005105689w       MAIL From:<n@n> BODY=8BITMIME SIZE=984
17944i0005205689w       RCPT To:<aaaa@yahoo.com>
						^^^^^^^^^^^^^first copy
17944i0005305689w       DATA
17944i0005405690r       250 sender <n@n> ok
17944i0005505690r       250 recipient <aaaa@yahoo.com> ok
17944i0005605690r       354 go ahead
17944i0005705690w       .
17944i0005805690r       250 ok dirdel
17944i0005905690#       970 bytes, 773 in header, 1 recipients, 1 secs for
envelope, 0 secs for body xfer
17944i0006005690#       jobspec: #idle
17944i0006105699#       jobspec: P/3395-14848   yahoo.com
17944i0006205699#       3395-14848:
17944i0006305699w       MAIL From:<n@n> BODY=8BITMIME SIZE=984
17944i0006405699w       RCPT To:<aaaa@yahoo.com>
						^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ second copy
17944i0006505699w       DATA
17944i0006605699r       250 sender <n@n> ok
17944i0006705699r       250 recipient <aaaa@yahoo.com> ok
17944i0006805699r       354 go ahead
17944i0006905699w       .
17944i0007005700r       250 ok dirdel
17944i0007105700#       970 bytes, 773 in header, 1 recipients, 0 secs for
envelope, 1 secs for body xfer

Jobspec, Message ID, recipient and source are the same...
/app/zmailer/bin/ta/smtp  -V
ZMailer smtp (2.99.55 #1: Mon Nov  5 11:32:39 ART 2001)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ambrose Li [mailto:acli@cccgt.dyn.dhs.org]
> Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2002 1:23 PM
> To: zmailer@nic.funet.fi
> Subject: smtp(8) question re hotmail.com
> Hello,
> I wonder if anyone has problems with ZMailer sending mail to
> hotmail.com. It seems that, sometimes, when ZMailer issues the
> MAIL FROM command using a previous connection, hotmail will
> complain 554 Transaction failed, and ZMailer will then bounce
> the input back to the sender.
> Is there an option in scheduler.conf (or some other way) to stop
> ZMailer from keeping the connection to hotmail.com or decrease
> the NOOP keepalive time for hotmail.com? Or I am looking in
> the wrong direction?  Since hotmail is so big, someone must
> recognize what I am doing wrong :-)
> This is ZMailer 2.99.56-pre1 (CVS snapshot from 2002.04.20).
> Thanks very much in advance,
> -- 
> Ambrose Li
> ``A good style should show no sign of effort;
>   what is written should seem a happy accident.'' ~ Somerset Maugham
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