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smtp(8) question re hotmail.com


I wonder if anyone has problems with ZMailer sending mail to
hotmail.com. It seems that, sometimes, when ZMailer issues the
MAIL FROM command using a previous connection, hotmail will
complain 554 Transaction failed, and ZMailer will then bounce
the input back to the sender.

Is there an option in scheduler.conf (or some other way) to stop
ZMailer from keeping the connection to hotmail.com or decrease
the NOOP keepalive time for hotmail.com? Or I am looking in
the wrong direction?  Since hotmail is so big, someone must
recognize what I am doing wrong :-)

This is ZMailer 2.99.56-pre1 (CVS snapshot from 2002.04.20).
Thanks very much in advance,

Ambrose Li

``A good style should show no sign of effort;
  what is written should seem a happy accident.'' ~ Somerset Maugham
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