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Re: [OT] problems at www.zmailer.org?


There was a series of at least three kernel versions that I couldn't
use under similar circumstances (1GHz SMP Pentium III, 1GB RAM, software
RAID on SCA disks, dual Adaptec 294x cards).  In particular, 2.4.10 
through 2.4.13 were unusable.  Since it's a production server and I can't
afford to try new kernel versions on a regular basis, I'm still running
it at 2.4.9 (in particular, 2.4.9-12enterprise, as distributed by RedHat).
I've not tried 2.4.17, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were similar
to the newer ones in this respect.

After a lot of experimentation before going live, the only way I could
get a stable machine was to use this line in /etc/lilo.conf
I understand that forces only one of the CPUs to handle hardware
interrupts.  The machine is a bit slower, but I thought that was a good
interim solution until the kernel becomes more stable.

You may want to check the noapic setting on the www.zmailer.org server.


Just as I was about to send this email, I see a follow-up email from 
you regarding "nosmp noapic".  For the record, my SMP machine is *not*
using the "nosmp" parameter.  Your call.

        Devin Reade        <gdr@gno.org>

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