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Strange appendlet() error

Hi all,

I'm using zmailer-2.99.52 on an upgraded RedHat 5.2 system, and recently
I've been experiencing problems with one particular remote SMTP server:

02450V0005687549w       EHLO aaa.bbb.ccc
02450V0005787549r       500 Unknown command
02450V0005887549w       HELO aaa.bbb.ccc
02450V0005987549r       250 Hello aaa.bbb.ccc, pleased to meet you
02450V0006087549#       smtpopen: status = 0
02450V0006187549w       MAIL From:<user@aaa.bbb.ccc>
02450V0006287549r       250 <user@aaa.bbb... Sender ok
02450V0006387549w       RCPT To:<anotheruser@xxx.yyy.zzz>
02450V0006487549r       250 <anotheruser@xxx.... Recipient ok
02450V0006587549w       DATA
02450V0006687549r       354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
02450V0006787556#       (closed SMTP channel - appendlet() failure,
02450V0006887556#       (closed SMTP channel - after delivery failure)
02450V0006987556#       jobspec: B/321803-27901 yyy.zzz

I have no idea what's going on, Google returned a letter published on
this list sometime in 1998 describing a similar problem, but no
solution. The remote server seems to be a customized Windows NT
mailserver, and it happens that the company that owns it is our major
shareholder and most important business partner - any glitch in e-mail
communication resounds in the server room with an authoritative "do
something about it" from our CEO. Does anybody know what might be the
problem? I'm pretty sure that's something strange happening on the other
end of the connection (the problem occurs only with this particular
site, and only sometimes), but that's no excuse for the boss.


Grzegorz Staniak <gstaniak@zagiel.pl>
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