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ZMailer scheduler stuffing up severely...

OK my system is doing deliveries but not at what it is capable of.  the
routers seem to be picking up from the router dir plenty fast rnough,
but scheduler fallls *massively* behind in processing queue.  If I stop
zmailer, then restart it (witht he synchronous start option) it reads
int he queue and *FLIES* just fine.  But during normal operations the
damned thing just stuffs up.  Whatst he deal?

note that these messages don't even show up in mailq stats for ythe most
part.  When left to it's own zmailer just does not keep up, when I go in
and kick (zmailer stop, zmailer start -- scheduler in 'synchronous'
start mode) it it cranks up and fills a 10Mbit pipe with ease.

Whats the catch here?

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