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Re: header question

Trent MacDougall <trent@infointeractive.com>
> I am using zmailer 2.99.55-pre1cvs and have a question about headers.
> Is the "From " header (not "From:") a required header?

It's not a header.

>  We have a partner
> that is getting downloading email from us via some 3rd party software that
> is complaining that some mailbox messages do not have a "From " header.  I
> want to tell them that their software is broken? :-)

The 'From ' pseudo-header is constructed from the SMTP transaction. It's
the MAIL FROM<> address, and IIRC the date and time of the SMTP
conversation using the SMTP server's clock.

Whatever is happening, it can't be the fault of the SMTP client.

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