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Re: header question


Date sent:      	Mon, 17 Sep 2001 10:52:44 -0300
From:           	Trent MacDougall <trent@infointeractive.com>
To:             	zmailer@nic.funet.fi
Subject:        	header question

> I am using zmailer 2.99.55-pre1cvs and have a question about headers.
> Is the "From " header (not "From:") a required header?  We have a partner
> that is getting downloading email from us via some 3rd party software that
> is complaining that some mailbox messages do not have a "From " header.  I
> want to tell them that their software is broken? :-)

My answer is: they MAY do so. The absense of "From" is an 
"indirect" sign of anonymous spam. I.e., this message was 
generated not by a standard MUA but by some robot. And (as I 
understand) the main idea of current anti-spam fight is: "E-mail 
if for humans (also elves, dwarves, etc), but not for robots".

And nobody is _obliged_ to receive any e-mail. This is 
his/her/its free choice.

So, their software may be not broken but intentionally 
configured. Yes, they risk to loose valuable new information :-)


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